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    Sep 2003

    Stopping a Marquee

    Hi all, im doing some work for this company NAOCN

    and i want to make the marquee that is in the blue table section stop in the center, is the anyway to do this ?.

    Thanks in Advance you wubbly people


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    Oct 2003
    Glasgow, SCOTLAND
    You change the behavior of the marquee

    <marquee behavior="slide">test</marquee>
    That should work

    Hope that helps
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    Sep 2003
    so, to make the marquee stop in the center of the page ? use &nbsp's to move the posistion on the bar ?

    Is there no way to just stop it right in the middle ?

    you can't do <marquee><center></center></marquee> can you?

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    Aug 2003
    How about :-
    <marquee behavior="slide" width="50%" style="float:right">Hello World</marquee>
    You'd have to alter the width so that your message was in the middle of your page.

    Please note :- this will only work in IE
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    Sep 2003
    hey thanks yabba, that will be great for the site im working on

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