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    May 2001

    Post Image link to larger image?

    How do I make an image so that when I click on it, it becomes larger?

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    Apr 2001


    okay there are 2 ways you can do this;
    (lets call the image, pic.jpg for example purposes)

    1. use just the one image for this, write the following:
    <a href="images/pic.jpg"><img src="images/pic.jpg" width="60" height="60"></a>
    Now that will use just the one image, which means the preview will take just as long to load as the big one, except when you click to view the larger one it will be instantly loaded.

    (uses 2 images for this, pic.jpg & pic_small.jpg)

    2. okay for this you would write something like the following:
    <a href="images/pic.jpg"><img src="images/pic_small.jpg"></a>
    The key to this one is to make the "pic_small.jpg" the preview size that you want, the preview will be shorter loading time then the first, but the larger pic will be slower.

    So take your choice out of these 2 ways, some people like the first way, some like the second.
    Hope i've helped you out!

    Ben C.

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    Jax Bch, FL


    Those are the 2 major choices, like Ben_C said above.

    I would like to add...

    Choice 1: If you only have a couple of pictures that you want to put on your page.

    Choice 2: If you have MORE than a couple pictures to show.

    Either way, you should ALWAYS add "height/width" sizes to your images, even if they are the same size as the actual image you uploaded on your server.
    That way, your page will load on the user's browser a little faster, because the browser will already know where the image goes and it will load the rest of the page the way it should be.

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    Thanks guyz, the first one is exactly what i needed, thankyou so much.

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