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Thread: Graphic design

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    Jun 2011

    Graphic design

    Hi there,I am using Adope photo shop for my new website design and I would really appreciate about any tips and ideas to share about this one.Thanks a lot.

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    Jul 2011
    Click the selection brush in the toolbar. Make sure that Mode in the options bar is set to Selection. Now you can use any brush tip and any size brush to paint over your image to select a portion of it. Each stroke adds to the selection. You can even select non-contiguous sections of your image. If you accidentally select something you don't want selected, press the Alt key (Windows) or the Option key (Mac OS) and paint over the selected area to remove that part of the selection.
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    Oct 2012
    Tips to improve as a graphic designer

    1- Become a collector
    2- Buy books
    3- Read design-related blogs
    4- Start a design blog
    5- Join and be active in the design community
    6- Take lots of photos
    7- Create fake projects
    8- Redo other people’s design
    9- Redo your old designs
    10- Attend lectures
    11- Network with other designers
    12- Take classes
    13- Interview other designers and studios
    14- Travel
    15- Learn something new
    16- Grab a sketchbook

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    Jan 2013
    Place your active and de-active buttons in one file rather then in two files because when you hover the button it loads the same file rather then second file. As result if you use second image then it takes more time to load and display the hover image.

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    Oct 2011
    Some few points....

    1. Learn to identify good design
    2. Study design theory
    3. Have a sandbox
    4. Improve your style
    5. Teach other people what you know

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    Nov 2012
    In my opinion Photoshop is really beautiful software. It is composition is one of the most important features of graphic design, especially when using pre-existing materials or diverse elements.

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    Create some thing creative , Creative Web Arts are basically what web designers do to make sure the websites created are attractive and appealing to the visitors.

    You can use Photoshop to make attractive stuff that will stuck visitors long time on your website.
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    Sep 2013
    You should always be open to new things and have the desire to grow, to develop your skills. The biggest mistake as a graphic designer is to stagnate, instead of trying to constantly develop yourself professionally. Here are a few useful tips that will help you improve yourself as a designer and become at the top of your game.

    And you follow this Steps

    1.Design collections

    2.Book collections

    3.Read designer blogs

    4.Start your blog

    4.Be an active member of the graphic designer community

    5.Keep taking photos

    6.Create fake projects

    7.Redesign other projects

    8.Redo previous designs

    9.Attend lectures


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