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    Help getting started.

    I have never made a database before and am hoping I can do the following:

    I want to create a form that will be filled out by my students. It is important that each student will only submit data once. I want to know if I can create a database that contains their student ID numbers and once the form is submitted it registers with the id so that information cannot be submitted twice.

    Can anyone point me to some resources that would help me get started?

    If I wasn't clear enough, I will outline exactly what I plan to have the students do:

    A student will go to a webpage. On that webpage they will vote for senior superlatives (class clown, etc.) that will go into our year book. They will also enter a short biography that will also go into the yearbook.

    I want the database to check to make sure this is only done once so that students cannot vote multiple times and/or submit more than one bio.

    Now that I think about it, it would be best if the database would also keep track of the tally.

    Thank you,


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    It will depend

    First of all I am not a database programmer, although I have made several databases. A majority of getting this started will be finding out what the host will support, ie access, MySQL ect. I am guessing you want this to be done off the school website. So you will need to find out from them what database programs you can use and tie into the shcool host server. All the things you want to do can be done and pretty simply. But what program to use and what the school server allows and needs will be the toughest part. I would talk to the school network Admin if you have one and want to use the school server. If you are wanting to do this personally on a site not hosted by the school, you will need to do the same thing also. usually all servers have MySQL and access extensions which will allow you to create the database in either one of those programs and tie it in pretty easily. But I think that should be your first step, to find out what you can and cant do with the server you are trying to use. Hope this helps, and reply with any new information you have.
    Good Luck.
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    Jan 2008

    Getting started

    It turns out a friend of mine has some experience with this and is helping me find my way. To give you a bit more background, I will be using MySQL, and I do have access to the school server.

    The DB has been created and currently I am working on a form to populate (is that the right term?) it.

    A good resource that my friend suggested is in case anyone else is interested in this sort of thing.

    I will post again as I make more progress. Thanks for the reply.


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    Jan 2008
    Well The page is up and running. IT still needs few tweaks here and there, but all things considered, it turned out well. It turns out creating a database is very simple. Writing the code to interact with it, now that's a little more complicated.

    - Ognar

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